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Hello, I’m Carmen Zambrano, I have a background as Industrial Designer studying in Mexico and Italy. I created Lusasul a jewelry brand located in the town of Taxco de Alarcón. I also work alongside other creators in Mexico, Bogotá in Colombia and New Delhi in India. 

I strongly believe that jewels are totems, personal sculptures, recipients of cultural values and biographical objetcs. Ours are made in sterling silver and gold. We also employ precious stones, crystals, marble, and other metals like brass and steel.

As we work in a town, but at the same time I use 3d printing services and sell internationally, I always say that LUSASUL becomes a narrative of how our traditions flirt with a variety of technologies and in which way this is contributing to present our own craftsmanship tale.


Mexican ¿What’s Mexican?


I always identify Mexico as a magic realistic place, magic realism is in our roots, traditions, literature, movies, way of life. It’s the absurd, is when you take the ordinary as miraculous and the miraculous as ordinary. When I translate this concept to the jewelry, I think about these objects as outstanding details