Hide My Coat

Among the projects in which we are participating with our distributor The Pommier is this great initiative of collaborations with well known fashion bloggers the first one is lovely Tasia Litkovska from Hide My Coat who is wearing our Love bracelet and Melting heart pendant.



Definition – An American slang describing someone who is ridiculously good at something. Also means house or home in German.


Definition – A house of talented designers.


We are always happy to collaborate with happy, entrepreneurial and creative people. Today we want to introduce HAUSIE a store and online magazine full of amazing jewelry designers. 

Let's begin this relation with a beautiful interview conducted by Christina-Jane Wright and Sonia Wan. 




Last year Not just a Label and Fiera di Vicenza gave us the opportunity to participate at "Origin: Passion and Beliefs" an opportunity that not only was a great experience, also opened doors to meet new clients and collaborators and even find new creative friendships; be involved in this event gave us a different vision of where we want to go. In addition, 2015 was a year of changes for LUSASUL, we started to work between Italy and Mexico and now we want to continue setting ties here.

Next September we will have again the opportunity to be at Origin: Passion and Beliefs fair trade, where we will show the results of the work that we have done in the last year and we will look for collaborate with Italian suppliers.

We can not be more grateful, thanks to Not Just a Label, Fiera di Vicenza and Origin Fair for believing in our project.

6 - 8 Settembre 2016, Milano
In contemporanea con Milano Unica


Carmen Zambrano. Designer Interview for Milk Magazine Hong Kong

During Shanghai Fashion Week we had the opportunity of meeting the amazing people from Milk Magazine Hong Kong. 
The interview: 


Is it the first time to participate in the Shanghai fashion week?

Yes and it’s not only my first time in Shanghai Fashion Week, it’s also my first time in China. I’m expecting to experiment the excitement for fashion that you can feel here and I’m very interested in the opportunities that a market as this could offer through events like Fashion Week.

基于什么样的理念,创建了配饰品牌 LUSASUL?

Tell us about the meaning and the concept behind the jewelry brand- LUSASUL.

In Mexico we have an amazing craftsmanship, our traditional jewelry usually made in silver and gold is worldwide known among collectors, but with LUSASUL we have questioned our aesthetics, what about transforming this language, giving continuity to a story through design and technical processes because we can only conserve craftsmanship if it is relevant to our contemporary era, in Mexico most of the people doesn’t’ wear traditional garments, but sometimes I think that I’m not going to buy something that is handmade only to preserve our traditions, also needs to appeal to my style, there’s should be a of merge of old and new. 


 You used to be an industrial designer? When did you decide to become a jewelry designer?why?

For me being an industrial designer and jewelry designer is not something that goes separated. My first job was for a custom jewelry factory in Mexico licensing North American brands; I used to develop the designs, the 3d models for production, molds, etc. After some years working there I started my own brand applying my knowledge about product design, so I consider myself an industrial designer who results to work on the jewelry field. 


 Would you like give us a brief introduction about the traditional jewelry Technology in Mexico? Since you combined with the traditional jewelry crafts and modern design on LUSASUL.

With each piece comes decide which process are we going to use to create it. Nowadays having the support of technologies like 3d printing and laser cut gives us a huge range of action to create different shapes. So on according to the piece, we use the tools, if it’s something very geometric we print a wax model but for example with the Bloody necklace that is so organic we go for a totally handmade process, that it is also and added value, few people can make those pieces. 


When you design your jewelry , who or what object or thing inspired you?

Many times is art, when I have the opportunity I love to travel to art fairs. Also architecture and furniture design. I’m very passionate about philosophy, psychology, and history, for example there are many studies about objects of desire, the ones that give confidence or reassurance, why people would treasure something, those are the kind of things that capture my attention 


Please name one object that represents your design concept the best?

I think the Eloise bracelet, as industrial designer I love the stories of objects, so the Eloise bracelet is a jewel composed by different sizes of Swarovski crystals. The story of the shape starts with a normal engagement ring, then you make it bigger and it is not longer a ring, now you can wear it on your hand, you changed the typology. Then you start to modify, adding more crystals, at the end you have something totally different than the typical engagement ring from the beginning. 

我非常喜欢“Bloody Necklace”的创意,此次和CT SHOWROOM X PERRIER 的合作项目也是沿用了“Bloody Necklace”,这个联乘系列有什么我们不知道的细节吗?

I like bloody necklace. Could you explain more details about the crossover project with CT SHOWROOM and PERRIER?

The Bloody necklace was the first piece of LUSASUL, it is very special and emblematic for me, so it was great to portray this very personal aesthetic to an object as iconic as the PERRIER bottle. 

Through CT Showroom was possible to do this and exhibit in collaboration along with art pieces at the MODE event. 

The Floating Piers

It is finished, the enormous installation by Christo and Jean-Claude. It was a marvelous experience that we had the opportunity to live in Italy. Inspiring.

La Biennale di Architettura

We need inspiration in our lives, the everyday beauty. Lately, attend to the Architecture Biennial in Venice is one of the most inspiring things that we have done. The exhibition show us an understanding on the different ways of living around the world, at the end many problematics have a similar origin and thanks to the cultural diversity is that we can find different solutions to the same conflicts. 

Alejandro Aravena realized an incredible labor as curator, he presented an impressive selection of works that look to solve problems so complicated that only with a limitless creativity is possible to find viable solutions. 

It is inspiring to be conscious that in many occasions the super big architecture projects are not the answer, it means that the huge buildings, the museums, the hotels, the galleries, they are not going to stop to amaze us, but today the Architecture Biennial allow us to read what is happening in the world and how we can re-imagine our way of living; this year part of what it is presented in Venice proves that the simple concepts and the little actions count, little actions that at the end change lives.


Origin, Passion And Beliefs 2015

Origin Passions and Beliefs concludes successfully. The empowerment of artisanship and individuality is the concept behind the amazing fair and we're proud to be part of this strong and edgy group of creatives. This is a big step, a motivation to do it better, for us this fair results in meeting new amazing friends, contacts with press and buyers, sales to such stylish customers and a renovated vision of our brand. 

In the words of Not Just a Label

"Origin Passion and Beliefs (OPB) was more than simply an industry event–it was an incubator for opportunity, connection and engagement that would have all otherwise been impossible to cultivate. Not because designers and manufactures aren’t enterprising enough and not because such connection isn’t possible in today’s digital age of global connectivity. To put it simply, Origin surpassed the category of industry event, because it organically morphed into a laboratory for absolutely honest connection that couldn't have thrived in any other setting or format"

Origin Fair 

Fiera di Vicenza

Origin, Passion and Beliefs 2015: The Full Report

La Biennale di Venezia

All the World's Futures is the theme for La Biennale 2015, the curator Okwui Enwezor puts no future on the table, sometimes with a desolating vision of the times to come. The whole exhibition portrays a complicated reality and a much more complicated future, something to think about it. 

Art is a strong inspiration for LUSASUL design, it's all about emotions and emotions are an inherent part of jewelry design. 



In the past days we had the production of our Inmobilité campaign, produced by Saracha, a Mexican company specialized in fashion branding and marketing. This was a great experience and we're already distributing the images to be shown to clients in the difference showrooms and stores around the world. 

Take a close look to the backstage of this special day. 

Origin - Passion and Beliefs

We have a big announcement to do!!!, we're going to be present at Origin - Passion an Beliefs fair, a collaboration between Fiera di Vicenza President Matteo Marzotto and Stefan Siegel, Founder of NOT JUST A LABEL

This event is an intersection between the Made in Italy allure and emerging designers from around the world. It will be a platform to those who believe in contemporary artisanship and individuality, it will be a place to generate ideas, and collaborations. 

"...Origin symbolises a broader movement of extreme possibility in changing how we consume and conceptualise fashion at large. By empowering artisanship and individuality, OPB fights against fast, throwaway fashion, and connects creativity and craftsmanship in a dedicated setting." You can find an inspiring essay about the event at Not Just a Label website. 

It's a privilege to be part of the changing international fashion scene, we cannot be more happy!!  We'd love to meet you there, if you want to assist only need to pre-register at Origin Fair website 




A defining moment in Dubai

Since a while ago we have been collaborating with Not Just a Label, they have been a great support and a successful platform to showing up our pieces and be able to sell them around the world. Last week, we had the pleasure to participate with them exhibiting two of our necklaces in the event Meet d3 at the new and superb Design District in Dubai. The event was such a success!!! 

Just look at the pictures to understand our happiness for be part of this moment in the history and development of Dubai's fashion and design business. 


Meet d3

It's happening!, Dubai, as stylist as it is, will be celebrating the inauguration of the new Design District with a fantastic three days event that will showcase regional and international designers, artists, musicians, concept stores and the best gastronomic experiences. 

LUSASUL since the beginning has being showing its jewelry through the amazing online platform Not Just a Label, an this time is not the exception. NJAL, with a community of more than 18,000 emerging designers, will be present at Meet d3 with a retail space that will showcase the stunning international design talent. 

We will participate at the NJAL space with our Golden Bloody Necklace ONE and our new Paliacate necklace.

April 2 to 4 at Dubai Design District. Save the date for this amazing event! 

To know more about the project please visit

Not Jus a Label

Meet d3

Dubai Design District: city builds its own Shoreditch from scratch in the desert 


Meet LUSASUL Workshop

You can find LUSASUL allure in its workshop based in Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero just near the coast of our beautiful Mexico. 

Our workshop is an exciting place for creativity in which we are continue looking for challenges and innovations in jewelry, we always want to reach new boundaries in the technician and aesthetic aspects.

We are idealists and is our responsibility to generate work through the design, we have the great opportunity to reinvent craftsmanship making meaningful and desirable objects relevant to the time that we’re living.


If you're thinking about San Valentine's next big thing, think about a bespoke jewelry piece...

We have made so far one of our favorite commissions, a 18K gold engagement ring with a black diamond to complete the frame. Create bespoke pieces are an important design work on Lusasul, be part of many personal stories is one of the most exciting and happy things you can do as a designer. 

Congratulations to the happy couple! 


Artistar Jewels

We're so happy to announce our participation at Artistar Jewels. Contemporary jewelry design, 120 different  designers at Spazio Maimeri, Milan, Italy. 


The Clear Glass

New necklaces have arrived to the collection! We've been experimenting with materials, particularly we love glass and bold pieces, so we decided to create a big chain with transparent links and the detail of a link made in shiny sterling silver. We are delighted with the result, hope you too!!


We're so happy with the partnership that we've been develop with Lofft, the design showroom based in Mexico City in the trendy area of Polanco. Last week we had our participation for Design Week, at Lofft we enjoyed our display with new jewelry, cool furniture and delicious mezcal!