LUSASUL is as a story that you are able to read in our jewels, each piece is part of a whole and when we create a new one we are adding a new chapter to the narration. 

LUSASUL is also about the crossed work between cultures, where we beautifully make the craftsmanship work from Mexico, project our work in Italy and collaborate with the showrooms in Hong Kong.
So, how do you make a love promise? how do you tell a woman that she is a beautiful gift, how do you represent liquidity on metal? or lightness?, those are the concepts that occupy our mind at the moment of conceiving our designs. 



Origin - Passion and Beliefs | Rho Fiera | Milan, Italy | 2016

Mode Exhibition Shanghai Fashion Week | Shanghai, China | 2016
Origin - Passion and Beliefs | Fiera di Vicenza | Venice, Italy | 2015

Meet d3 | Dubai Design District | United Arab Emirates | 2015 

Artistar Jewels | Maimeri Foundation | Milano, Italy | 2014

Exhibition at Design Week Mexico| Lofft Showroom | Mexico City | 2014

Fashion Show "The Breeding Ground of Creativity" | CT/Showroom | Hong Kong | 2014 

Exhibition “Complete Parts by DRAFT Space” | Shin Gallery| New York, United States | 2014 

Exhibition WIT| Design at Hotel Demetria| Guadalajara, Mexico| 2014 

Exhibition “Silver and Design” | Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, Oaxaca| 2014

Exhibition “Silver and Design” | Museo Amparo, Puebla, México | Fomento Cultural Banamex | 2013

Exhibition menswear with Industrias Peñoles Trends 2013 | Palacio de Hierro, Mexico City | 2013

Exhibition “Silver and Design” | Palacio de Iturbide, Ciudad de México, Fomento Cultural Banamex | 2013

Exhibition “Mexico in SIlver: Five Centuries Of Shared Identity” | Museum Arocena, Coahuila, Mexico| 2012

Exhibition “New Dimensions” | Mexican Design Museum (MUMEDI) | Mexico City | 2012


Carmen Zambrano is a Mexican Industrial Designer graduated from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. She started her career while she was working in partnership with silversmith artisans in the north of Mexico. 

She used to work for a North American jewelry brand on its Mexico City facilities and then in 2010, after winning the Mexican Design Biennale, she created LUSASUL, her own jewelry brand. LUSASUL has been an amazing road, currently she is working between Italy and Mexico.

Our jewelry is the product of the work of master artisans in Taxco de Alarcón, México. LUSASUL as a story has become a narrative of our processes, of how our traditions are nowadays permeated with the support of technologies like 3d printing, laser cutting or micro-welding and in which way this is helping us to show our own version of continuity to a tale about Mexican aesthetics. This is a way of presenting our contemporary authenticity. 

We are idealists, we believe that is possible to generate work through design and we have the invaluable opportunity of making meaningful and desirable objects relevant to the time that we’re living.
FRIENDS. We couldn't do this alone